Ways to earn Astral Diamonds at low levels

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Ways to earn Astral Diamonds at low levels

Post by Preechr on Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:45 am

If you haven't already seen the General Tips section on the main website, you should definitely check it out! It has an excellent section on how you can make a nice amount of Astral Diamonds every day by doing less than an hour's worth of work on each of your characters, but I'd like to suggest a couple of ideas for new players for building up some Astral Diamonds even as you level your character up to 70:
1. Get to know the Auction House
I remember that it took me a little while to investigate the Auction House and figure out how it works. My thinking was that since I didn't really have any AD, what was the point of looking if I couldn't buy anything? Most of the items I found I would trade to a vendor for small amounts of gold, which really doesn't buy much in the game early on. I would suggest looking up the item(s) you wish to sell first to see the lowest price of that item on offer and list yours for just under that amount. I usually also lower the lowest bid requirement to be pretty low in hopes it would sell at any price within the time limit. Remeber, you don't have to be at the Auction House in Protector's enclave to access the AH... Just click on the Gavel symbol in your icon bar.
2. Sell the consumables you can no longer use
As you level up, you will see that the potions and injury kits you use get upgraded and the old ones in your inventory are no longer usable. Don't ask me why, but these things sell for a fair amount of AD. No sense in trading them for gold when you can get AD for them!
3. Sell any Rare (blue) gear you don't want
These also sell pretty well, though some types more than others. List them all and what doesn't sell before the auction expires, vendor for gold.
4. Profession supplies and workers
Surprised? I was too when I found this out. This is one to be careful with, however. While some high quality crafting workers and materials can sell for a ton of AD, that is because they are hard to get and very valuable. You may not have much interest in Professions right now, but later in the game there are certain things you can only get through crafting, and you may wish you hadn't sold off all your valuable Professions items.
5. Mount Insignias
Not all of them, mind you, but the various insignias that give a small bonus to gold gain are simply worthless. My general thought on isnignias is that the small bonuses you get from them only really matter if you use only the ones for the stats your character really needs. For example, my Divine Cleric needs Power more than anything and Recovery after that, so I only use those two types of insignias on his mounts. I try to use only blue and purple quality ones, but those are hard to find. That adds up to a nice little boost to my base Power figure. My Ranger needs Critical Chance insignias, so she gets all those, and my Guardian Fighter only uses Defense and Deflect, so I send all of those to him. If I can swap out a green one for a blue or purple one, I sell the green one. Some of the insignias are bound to character or account, so they can't be listed on the AH, so I donate those to the guild.
If this has sparked your imagination, you may be thinking that you could make a ton of AD by running the content naked, beating up enemies with your fists and selling off all your loot, amassing a fortune in Astral Diamonds. With the limited bag/bank space you get in this game, being a pack rat is not advisable. You won't be able to keep it all, so you should definitely consider what is worth keeping and what is worth turning into cash. The more you watch the prices on the AH, the more you will start to understand what things are worth, and you will notice the buying prices raise and lower over time. For example, right now the Giant's Lockboxes seem to be dropping rare Lostmauth Horns like crazy, so the listing price for these has been cut in half. The blue versions are actually selling for the same price as the green versions. If I have one of those now and non of my toons need it, I should consider waiting a bit to see if the price goes back up.
Unless I am incredibly impatient and I just HAVE to have the money.... Yeah, I sold it....

Well, if you are new to the game and struggling to find ways to make some AD, I hope these ideas helped a little. Once you get to level 70, you will start running dungeons and skirmishes where you will get rings and other equipment that you can salvage or sell, and that will be a nice little extra income as well. You can also "farm" for items that sell really well if you have the patience for that.

Any way you go with this....

Have fun!


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