New character - what to do

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New character - what to do

Post by CWish on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:34 pm

You have created your character, chose it's race and class and you have done the first little tutorial...what now?

Oh well, this is how your journey starts! You have a lot of things to do! You can choose to do all quests in the game, read the lore, listen to the NPC's Stories ...or you can do the most efficient route of things that you have to do because of the good rewards.

What I like to do is to do all quests until  the end of Neverdeath Graveyard (around level 30-32 without boosts).
You have to get the first free bag from Black Dagger district (be careful not to have an active companion because it will bug some important quests), Get the second bag from The Benign Order of the Third Eye campaign (In Tower district most of it and if you complete this zone you receive another good reward : a pack of profession assets with 10% reduced time), Neverdeath Graveyard for the Profession pack (you can get epic assets out of it) and last free bag . At around level 24 you also have to do and artifact quest, to get your first artifact. After that you can Kill stuff wherever you want (most efficient in the Stronghold , where you will be scaled to level 70) until level 60-66 when you can start Elemental Campaign. If you are lvl 66, you can go directly to Spinward Rise area and do all quests. At the end of it you will be level 70 and you will get your first weapon SET. After that you have to buy  choose your artifact set (Artifact + Artifact belt + Artifact necklace/Cloak) and try to get them from AH. You also have to do Vault of the nine quest to get your class artifact.
   All the time you should do 2 dungeons and 2 skirmishes each day for the rough Astral Diamonds.
  You will get to 1600 item level and then you should do a few runs of Epic Dungeons - Shores of Tuern or Kessell's retreat , because from there you can get the reward without a dungeon key and your first tier equipment : Alliance elemental. Then you have to get to 2000 item level for the next set of dungeons and the Tier 2 Equipment Elven Elemental. Then Different  Events with even higher item level requirements. 
   On a daily basis, after you get to level 60, you should try to do the dailies from Sharandar Campaign, Dread Ring, Maze Engine, The quests from the Harpers in Protector's Enclave for Tyranny of the Dragons Campaign, and Elemental Campaign. After 2000 item level you should also do Well Of Dragons and Icewind dale areas. The boons from the campaigns are really important.
  Try to get as fast as possible 500.000 AD , to buy VIP status. You get each day, if you claim it, for 30 days a lockbox key. That gives you a chance to win very expensive things that you can use or sell. At the end of the month you will get things that worth at least  1.000.000 AD from the lockboxes! Also you will get other benefits from VIP, like Epic dungeon chest keys, Identification scrolls, discounts, immunity to injuries and other things!

   Good luck and have fun!


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