Guild/Alliance/Stronghold! How and why you should help!

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Guild/Alliance/Stronghold! How and why you should help!

Post by CWish on Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:12 pm


    In any and every online game you will see groups of people that are trying to help each other and do things together, either for the fun of it or because they have better/bigger rewards. They are called in different way and have different rankings or organisational tree. In Neverwinter we have GUILDS. A  Guild is formed really easy, by one man, going to the Protector's Enclave and registering it. The really hard part comes after.  A guild can have up to 150 ACCOUNTS, with a total of 500 CHARACTERS, that means that every person in the guild can have at least three characters in the guild.  Once you form the guild you are granted a new place for your guild, called the STRONGHOLD. There you have to rebuild it's former glory and you start building things in it to get different benefits. First you build a market place, then a few productions sites, and then BOON STRUCTURES and MASTER CRAFTS MEN. 
    WHY :Well, because you get benefits from the boons that are higher than  items (8000 power/defense/critstrike/ XP boost, Gold BOOST etc.), you get Dragonflight gear that is still among the best, you get different things that you can buy only from the Stronghold market, And through master craftsmen you get to do items really hard to get on AH or really expensive. Also, it is a fun activity group, you get to do events that can be done only with the guild and we also get  to learn from the others a lot faster and also makes things a lot more fun. It also levels you up faster.
   HOW : We can construct buildings by gathering different materials and donate them to the guild coffer , the mimic in the stronghold.  Most of the things are just for the coffer : Shards from the NPC's in the Stronghold that you give you quests for your level, Influence from the Heroic Encounters in the Stronghold, Materials from the production sites int he Stronghold, that you have to TEND to, by going to their placement, interact with the sign in  front of them and select TEND and you will get wood, stone, Iron, Food  and some things that you have to share with the guild, like: Gold, Astral Diamonds, Campaign Currency or vouchers, Equipment that you identify, Gems -Enchants and Insignias that you collect. Imagine that  every limit for every material increases as we get higher and higher level and that if it was enough for only 10-20 people to donate every day, it would be a lot harder now and a lot easier if 80 more people would decide to help as well.
  Only for Influence which one character can gather up to 400/day, we need around 800000 for a construction. It would take 20 people , that can gather 8000/day, 100 days, while for  100 people, it would take only 20 days! it is a BIG difference, while for each one of the players it would mean only 10-30 min extra for the influence. And that's just one example, but the rest are similar.
   WHAT: You can donate the shard that you get as rewards from the quests that the NPC's in the stronghold give you. They are always for your level. You can do influence runs that we usually form parties and do in like 5 minutes. If you decide to do the run, you can also ask in chat if anyone can help you with it. Vouchers that you collect by killing the enemies in the Stronghold map. DO NOT DONATE the currencies for the campaigns if you didn't finish them. You need the boons first, then to help us all. Equipment and enchants , although you also need them for refining artifacts (we all do) we have to also donate for us, everyone in the guild a part of it, to get the higher rewards from the constructions. In the exchange of the things that you donate, you will get Guild Marks, that you can spend  at the shops in the Stronghold for unique things. Higher the Market place in the guild, higher the quality of the things that we can get. Also PARTICIPATING in the DRAGONFLIGHT event that the alliance organizes. We do have a separate topic about it (check that one out  for details), you will get vouchers for the coffer and Dragon Fangs for your Dragonflight gear.

    Alliance -  it is a group of 13 guilds , that do stuff together, can access each others Stronghold, Market place, and have a common channel ALLIANCE. We only get a small in game benefit, but we are a part of a bigger community. We can donate  to another guild, but each guild will benefit from it is own BOONS. 

   Stronghold Heroic Encounters : Gives you on completion Rank 5 Enchants, Influence, Refining Stones, Epic Items.
There are 4 Difficulty levels : the easiest ones , the ones that have  as an icon, on the stronghold map, just a circle with a small spike . They can be done  by a single player after level 35. Watch the timers before starting it by hovering the mouse over the icon or in the list on the right side of the map. REWARDS: Rank 5 enchants + Influence. Second level : the ones that have ones that have two spikes around the circle. Those can be done by a higher level player (2000+ item level) or 3-5 lower level players. REWARDS : Rank 5 enchantment+Influence + Chance of refining stones + Chance of epic items. Third  difficulty level: the ones  that have a detailed icon, with common names (Area name + ASSAULT) and fourth ones, the ones with detailed icon and UNIQUE names , there are 3 of them  where you have to fight 2x DEVILS or 2x GIANTS or 2x BEHOLDERS and they are a bit more difficult than the others. Usually you need 3 player decent levels or 5+ lower item level. REWARDS: Shards of Power, Rank 5 enchants, Influence, Chance of refining stones, Chance of epic items


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