Newsletter! We gotta have a Newsletter!

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Newsletter! We gotta have a Newsletter!

Post by Preechr on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:18 pm

Nobody likes asking people for things. I remember when I was young, my Mom made me go out every year and sell Girl Scout cookies to raise money. I hated everything about it, from wearing that stupid little dress to asking strangers to buy stuff so I could go to Girl Scout Camp.... Yes, I was and am a boy and yes, my Mom had some mental problems, but that just added to the uncomfortable feelings we all have when asking other people for help.
My Mom always used to tell me that selling cookies wasn't the same thing as standing on a street corner asking strangers for cash, which the Police had told her to stop making me do. People were getting cookies, which is nice, so she slapped me until I stopped crying and left to go knock on doors.

Our Guild, Babylon, is growing faster than ever. We are recruiting some awesome new players and more and more people are leveling up to 70 and participating in Dragonflights and Epic Demogorgons, which are the gateways to some of the best armor and weapons in the game for many classes. We also recently finished our first Stronghold building that grants us BOONS (defense and armor penetration and eventually mount speed bonus.... if you didn't know about this, leave a comment below) and we will soon be upgrading our Guild Hall to level 7, which is the next step to more services and more BOONS. More and more people are joining us on the Skype calls and participating in Guild and Alliance Chat. We are an actively dungeon running PVE guild, and it is wonderful to see that we now have nearly two full teams of active dungeon runners on. If you haven't got into dungeons for whatever reason, all you have to do is speak up in Guild Chat or ask here in the forums, and any questions you have will be answered and rest assured you will have plenty of friendly Guild-Mates to show you the ropes. We don't have many rules or requirements because we are all just here to have fun, so please know you are surrounded by friendly and helpful people that want you to be the best you can be.

That's your cookie Very Happy

I hope you all feel at home in Babylon, and if what I just said doesn't sit right with you for whatever reason, please feel free to post a comment or talk privately in game or in Skype. We are all committed to making Babylon the best Guild in the game, and we know that all of you guys could leave us and join up with a bigger guild that already has all the boons and benefits we are working hard to provide. Hopefully, the one thing that makes us the better choice is the wonderful people we have here already and the strong sense of community we are trying to build. We believe that something you have helped to build with your own hands is always better than something given to you, which is why we are all here trying to get our Guild Hall to level 7 instead of joining a level 20 guild where we wouldn't feel at home.

A little while back our leaders sent out a couple of emails asking members to consider doing more influence runs and donating a little more to the coffer so we could grow faster. Wow... You guys really answered that call. Donations have gone through the roof and we have been completing projects like crazy. Thank you all.

As we approach getting our Stronghold to level 7, we are looking ahead at what will be needed to get to level 8, 9 and past that. As some of you know, the reason behind the decision to opt for the defense, ArPen and Mount Speed boon building instead of the more prized Power boon building was that none of us are active in PvP play, and there are requirements (Conqueror Shards) for that building that we may never be able to acquire. We have talked it over and are considering putting together some PvP alts and learning how to win some 5v5 matches so we can start stockpiling those Conqueror Shards we will need when we get to Stronghold level 9 and can start the Power Boon building. If you are interested in helping us with this goal, please let us know.

Keep in mind, however, there is no requirement to join in this effort or even to donate. Hopefully, you have the time and energy and hopefully Babylon as an awesome community full of awesome players gives you the motivation to help us gain the things we need to provide more for us all. Please, don't feel like any of us want you to sacrifice things you need, however. Please don't donate your campaign currencies unless you have gotten everything you want from those campaigns, and please don't donate valuable items you might need for refinement or just to sell for AD. I don't know what other people are doing, but I try to take what I loot in one day per week in gems and equipment and donate that. The rest of the week, I usually feed all my loot to my artifacts Very Happy When you do influence runs or missions in the Stronghold, look on the ground for vouchers, which drop there frequently and are the best thing to donate. Dragonflight events also give vouchers as rewards, and sometimes strongboxes which have several valuable vouchers in them. If you don't have and can't afford Strongbox Keys, let one of us know and we can help.

Babylon thanks you all for being awesome and helpful, and we are all working for more awesome to come soon!

Have Fun!

(and a cookie)


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