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Post by Vendetta on Sat Dec 17, 2016 7:23 pm

*some new players and some with lvl 70 character/toons also dont no how to change instance... it will help a lot with some of your quest.
example for collecting/farming motes. same place diffrent zone the respawn time is not the same for HEROIC ENCOUNTER. to change instance yourself, it can bedone if the map is still open map,(it mean bellow medium full map zone)
by clicking the blue stone top right screen or by press-M key for map, there is a button to change instance below right map frame.. you can see all the zone instance, which is full and which is not full zone
2. if the zone is medium full like 30/40, you cannot instance yourself.. you must ask for invite in chat zone/ or force invite by adding to party group the player that say in chat zone that he/she is in that zone that you want to go to Razz (if he/she accept your invite party that is)
after you get invite or succes force invite. you can see he/she icon character top left screen. right click his/her icon then you can see that say change instance to party member zone, click that and your get in that zone.
3.everytime your change instance, or come from other place, there is 2minute cooldown, before you can change instance again. there is away that you dont have to wait for the 2minute cooldown..Example: you need to be near portal/gate that can go to other place. (you come from dread ring place and just teleport to well of the dragon zone #3, and you want to go to zone #6 but still under cooldown 2minute.. what you do is ask for invite from zone #6, after you get invite in his/her party, you go to diffrent place like icewind dale/dread ring through the gate/portal, and then you use the gate/portal to go back to well of the dragon/ next thing you know you in zone #6 the same place with your party member Smile this way it less cooldown then 2 minute, just loading change place time maybe less then 1minute.

diffrent place diffrent amount limit full zone map
- Dread Ring =full zone 20/20 ( not sure Razz). if the zone is 15/20 you need invite to go to that zone from someone there, you cannot instance youself.
-Well Of The Dragon= full zone 40/40. if the zone is 30/40 you need invite for someone at the zone there.


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