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There are 5 dragon to kill in one zone, the same like epic trial tiamat dungeon have 5 dragon. but a little bit far away between each dragon on the map. (green/blue/red/white/black dragon)
-most of the time it rush hour Razz when all instance/zone is medium full you need to come early to well of the dragon
-not every zone in well of the dragon all the players there doing dragon run, some maybe doing other quest in well of the dragon.. this is where you need to know THE TIPS HOW TO CHANGE INSTANCE/ZONE.

(click reward icon appear below map icon top right screen after you kill a dragon)
-greater/rare/lesser resonance stone> sometime
-rare equipment blue colour>sometime
-15 dragon hoard coins
-dragon hoard coffer 2-3 from one dragon kill
-greater potion of dragon slaying
-greater scroll of protection from dragon
-draconic enchantment rank 5
-black ice enchantment rank 5> only when 2xenchantment day i think
-some of artifact belt> sometime
-scroll quest or some quest ( it a crap, you can discard it) > got it sometime

Every/all zone in well of the dragon, the dragon respawn time is the same

***most of the players that doing this is to collect/get RESONANCE STONE
*00.45minute every 24 hours dragon respawn all zone
*00.55minute it end dragon will fly away, see u next time:p
*come early to well of dragon 00.25minute if rush hours
*the zone that do dragon run players will gather at green dragon respawn place on the map.( press-M key look at the map, you see top middle on the map is TEMPLE OF TIAMAT ICON, green dragon respawn place is far right top corner of the map)
*the rotation his start from killing green dragon> blue dragon>red dragon>white dragon>black dragon.
*if all dragon at your zone have been kill fast/early( like 48minute-50minute on the clock, have 7minute-5minute left before dragon time end. all the player at that zone will change instance to diffrent zone that still have dragon. the second rotation zone dragon run player will start killing dragon from either black dragon or start from white dragon.
*how do you know which zone that do dragon run is, between every 00.25minute-00.30minute if it not yet been called dragon run zone.. someone will called it in ZONE CHAT he/she will write (example: dr #5 start with 4{ how many players from/at that zone starting with}) start zone with low number players at the zone to gather players that want to do dragon run.
*note: zone #1/#2/#3 is last choice place/zone where someone called to start dragon run. because some say low numbers zone is a waste land/gate way/ portal( where player from other place come from PE/Dead ring/and so on) not every players that come or at well of the dragon is doing dragon run. only when there is not much zone to selection left then can start from zone #1/#2/#3
*note: sometime you cannot trust the one that called which dragon run zone start gathering at, some without experience dont no how dragon run system work :p and they called dragon run that is started at half full zone players

-some time there is a channel zerg run( the group have tons of dps ) but that group is private. they dont tell anyone in chat zone where they going to do dragon run, which zone.
-in well of the dragon sometime when gathering dragon run time, there is someone trying to host for private queue for epic trial tiamat, in chat zone or looking for group chat, you can ask for invite in the zone chat ( write your gear score and character class and ask invite for tia). win tiamat get 1 linu's favor
-if you have 100 coffer or 1500 dragon hoard coins, you can get 1 linu's favor ( you get 2 linu's favor from coin/coffer/tiamat after win if on 2xtyranny of dragons campaingn currency day)
-how to exchange coins/coffer for linu's favor. go near bonfire in well of the dragon, located center of the map. you see the CART there where you exchange it ( press-F key to interact cart)
-if you exchange your coins/coffer to the cart.. it also give some % help and a better drop for the people that do EPIC TRIAL TIAMAT DUNGEON (you can look it up.. top rigth screen beside mini map icon, there is gold colour icon % reclaim tiamat's hoard) if it fill to 100% they have a chance to get a drop of ORB OF MAJESTY ARTIFACT ,after win that is...usually on weekend it almost fill to 100% .. on monday near reset day it will go back to 0% rate.


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