SKIRMISH : Throne of Dwarven Gods

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SKIRMISH : Throne of Dwarven Gods

Post by CWish on Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:08 pm


This is one of the two Skirmishes that you can do with 1.600 Item Level.
In my opinion, this is the easier one as well.
It has two variations, each with three phases:
I. This is one of them, you have two clerics on the left and right of the throne and and a shield around the throne. In the first phase you have to kill minions and protect the clerics. Second phase is to kill demons, protect the clerics and also make the HULK (the mob that makes a red line before he attacks) into the shield. You don't have to kill the hulk, you don't have to dodge the attack, just have to make him hit the shield. In the last phase you have to kill the boss.
TIP: DPS and healers have to stay behind the throne and tanks and melee towards the entrance. This way the ranged DPS and healers will be safe from the mobs.

II. Second variation is in the same room, but in the first phase you kill demons and make the hulk hit the 4 doors from the sides of the map. Second phase you kill mobs that can spawn in 4 places, about where are the doors, Third phase kill the boss.

This one is easier to get GOLD and if you get GOLD you have a higher chance to get special rings.
You also get freezers and demonic ichors.

Good luck!


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Re: SKIRMISH : Throne of Dwarven Gods

Post by Preechr on Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:25 am

Please do not kill the Hulks. The Hulks are your friends. If you see a Hulk, he is only there to help you destroy a gate or an infernal shield. Let the Hulks help you... do not kill them. If you kill them, they cannot help you, and you have made everyone very sad.


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