EPIC DUNGEON - Castle Never

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EPIC DUNGEON - Castle Never

Post by CWish on Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:47 am

– Castle Never –
Babylon Guild Tips and Tricks (How to do it)

Credits goes to: A’n Feyr@numkhing, Andronikos Komnenos@vaelmin, Luna@accalia6, Pan@erevos74, Leon@leo9idas, preechr@preechr#2215, Escwine@fredstemp, Celendamir@earendill#92286 for trying to figure it out and for the support.
I didn’t discover it, we all did, I am just the one writing it.

Castle Never: Epic dungeon, 2000 item level requiered, 2500 item level recommended
It is easier with a tank and a healer but it can be done without them too.

1st Boss Tal’Gath the Undying, Tentacle Head
- AOE attacks and ranged attacks , basically dodge everything and you will be ok. You would need 1- 2000 item level or above tank or two epic defender companions  or just one legendary

2nd Boss Cthylarr the Illithilich, the zombie summoner

- A few AoE attacks, melee attacks, summons zombies and turns  the room upside-down . 2500 item level tank or 3 epic defender companions or two legendary. Here the trick is to control the mobs and kill them before they get to be too many. Every class should use their AoE hard control power, keep them near the boss, grouped.

3rd Boss : Orcus , the Big Giant Demon

- Has some special attacks that he uses in sequence
 #1, 3, 5 etc DeathSpheres or #Link – he uses them before and after every other attack, randomly one or the other. He start with one of them
 #2, 6, 10 etc ZombieSphere – He summons a ball in his place, he gets up in the air, and you have to stop the waves of zombies from getting inside the sphere. If the red line (the ones that get inside the sphere) gets filled before the blue line(the ones that you killed) then he gets reinforced and you receive an AoE dmg that can’t be dodged without invulnerability skills . After you kill enough zombies and the blue line fills he descends in the middle and attacks really fast, so don’t stay around. Also at the end of this phase you have a slight opening in which you can cure death sickness by summoning altars(if you are quick).  Each stage the zombies will move faster than the previous stage.
 #4, 8, 12 etc Portals – He summons a random number of portal 1, 2 or 3. Your team has 1.5 min (90 seconds) to defeat the mobs inside. If you dont’t close them he will take a lot less damage during this phase and at the end of it, he will do an extra AoE attack that does 80% dmg to all players and he gets reinforced.  Players with defender companions active should not go into the spheres as your defender companions will follow you and the players remaining outside of the portals will lose the benefits of these companions while you are away.  One player should be able to close two of them (the mobs inside are like the ones in Prophecy of Madness skirmish).  You have to close last portal with at least 5-7 seconds before the timer ends or else the one inside the portal will be killed.  He won’t use any other special attacks until the end of this phase.  If you have not gone into the portals then Orcus will close them when the timer expires, he will raise his hands and cause AOE damage when he does this.  You should NOT count this raising of his hands as part of the pattern, it will throw your count off.  Think of it more as an extra attack by Orcus.

  Here, the tank should be over 2500 item level, or three epic defender companions, or two legendary defender  companions. If the tank is lower you can also help him with some defender companions. The OP or DC can use their party buffs for reducing damage taken by allies before each attack. Every time before a special attack Orcus will raise his hands in the air and after about 5 seconds he will cast an AoE damage and the special attack.

  Be patient, keep in mind the pattern and you will do it every time!



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Re: EPIC DUNGEON - Castle Never

Post by Preechr on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:52 am

...a couple of notes: You will see at certain points big green balls with red circles around them and green lines that connect 2 player characters. These kill you. Stay away from the green balls (shift through their red AOE areas or use your invulnerability skills) and if you are connected to someone with a green line of energy, you will notice you are being pulled toward them... stop using your skills and run away... if you get pulled into your party member you will most likely kill them and yourself.
Oh... and watch Orcus (last boss) when he raised his arms, he is about 4 seconds away from releasing a really powerful AOE attack that will do a lot of damage to the whole team. Timing is important, as you can use a shift to dodge the damage or a daily (depending on class) to protect yourself and/or your team members.


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