EPIC EVENT: TIAMAT- Queen of the dragons

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EPIC EVENT: TIAMAT- Queen of the dragons

Post by vendetta@sanjiro1 on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:01 am

To enter you  need 25 players que group ( 1 leader or host ) with 2000 item level or more  [ overall time limit 20m, if you all cannot kill all the dragon it fails ]   (( I am not sure about the 20m:p ))
The time the event tiamat opens is every 00m-05m
after you are inside tiamat , you have 3-4m to get ready to use scroll, potion and empty 1 slot in the bar and ready your mount ( if you get in at 00m and won’t have time to prepare if you get  in at 04m-05m). If you try to que public you might not get in the event in time.
There are 5 dragon heads from left -right
1. black dragon [AOE not sure what type Razz] - gem black   - far left of the map
2. green dragon [AOE poison]                       - gem green  - between  black n red dragon
3. red dragon [AOE fire]                                 - gem red      - middle
4. blue dragon [AOE lightning]                         - gem blue    - between red n white dragon
5. white dragon [AOE ais]                              - gem white   - far right of the map

Great class character combination in 25 player
-5 groups, each group must have 1 tank or 1 healer or both in 1 group ( GF/OP and DC )
-and all the rest DPS(it is good to have 7-8 dps 3k++ that can do tons of dmg)

Before the dragon heads appear, there are 3 things the 25 players must do :
1. kill all 6 enemy wizards that do dragon rituals and the mobs there. The last wizard will appear at middle, near the area of the bonfire after you kill all the 5 wizards [group 1,2 start attack wizard at green dragon location, after that go to black. group 4 n 5 start attack at blue dragon location after that go to white.. group 3 if strong enough can go directly to red dragoon area, if not just go to either green or blue first.. then all 5 group will go to the wizard at red dragon head, After that the last wizard near bonfire  appear and you will have to kill it.
2. Take 1 of the gem stone after killing the 5 wizards (the gemstone is to deflect the dragon AOE  dmg, according to its colour. Black gem for black dragon head AOE, red for red..  and so on)
3.  3 clerics will be up close to the entrance, to cast a spell (left, mid and right) [group 1,2 protect left cleric, group 3 protect mid cleric, group 4,5 protect           right cleric, some times group 2,4 help mid cleric when needed].. you need to protect it from the mobs and dragon AOE attack using gem stone, until the clerics finish their casts and the blue bars fill.  

Take note:
 - don’t fight the mobs near the cleric, it will make the cleric spell bar longer to fill up
 - don’t use any artifact power or any skill that does knockback or pushes  while people are fighting the mobs (maybe you can use it sometimes when the mobs are to near the clerics  and you don’t want to fight near cleric)
 - this is important note: there is a REDLINE between cleric area and area where the dragon heads will be up ( when cleric is up, don’t cross the red line  towards the dragon area. After  the cleric spellbar is filled, wait until you hear the bell or siren sound or until the redline disappears, then you can cross to fight the dragon heads
  [ I have experienced someone crossing the redline before it disappeared, before all the 5 dragon head came up and it bugged. (example: one of the head, the black dragon one didn’t get to appear and someone crossed the redline. the effect is the black dragon head will not be coming up so you cannot do dmg to it.. and some from the 25 players will start leaving the queue   group and call it a fail.

The first thing you need to do is look which group you are in (all 25 players will be  divided into 5 groups) [press K button to see]
- this is important : empty 1 slot in the bar/belt so you could take 1 gem stone!
- after you confirm that, usually the leader gives the order about what gemstone everyone should take (usually group 1 and 2 take green gem/ group 3 red gem/ group 4 and 5 blue gem ). Black and white gem are not really important, because the dragon colour white and black don’t do so much AOE dmg, you can use other gemstones when fighting black and white dragon head. The gemstone can be used any time to deflect AOE dmg but it has a cooldown  before you can use it again. Use it wisely!

These are the main tips on how to kill the 5 dragon heads  when they come up
*There will be  2 phases before you can kill all the dragon heads -  this is possible for the queue groups that have 8 to 10 - 3k+ gear score  that can do a lot DPS
*There will be  3 phases before you l can kill all the dragon heads -  this is a safe run for not so much dps; usually when it comes to phase 4 it means the overall time is almost up, slim chance of winning

there is a time limit  for how long all the dragon head will be up , after that all player  go back to protecting the clerics
all 25 player go start at black dragon head. Chip or trim the black dragon head health to 4 or 3 bars of hit points (hp).  DON’T KILL IT.
After the black dragon’s head has been trimmed to 4-3 health bars, usually the leader that uses  RAID CHAT (orange colour text) will type to stop chipping black dragon’s head hp and go to the next dragon head, the green one ( don’t forget to use the gemstone with the same colour of the dragon when the ground is red AOE, make a ladder or a walk way if I may call it that Razz, that is why 5-10 players must have green and blue gem stone and go to the dragon area of the same colour. usually in this phase you all can only make it to  the red dragon head before the time runs out and you go back to protecting the clerics.

after clerics fill the blue bar and the redline is gone..
all 25 players go to the white dragon’s head, trim it to 4-3 bar then go to blue dragon trim it and if you still have time trim red dragon hp to 4-3 health bars


usually it is a split group move to kill all dragon heads
-group 1,2,3  that have green and red gemstone, start from black dragon’s head and kill it,next to green, after that red. If the blue dragon is not yet dead then,you go to help killing it.
-group 4,5  that have blue gemstone start at the white dragon’s head and kill it ,next go to blue dragon


THE usual host/leader chat order - using raid chat
Short version:
- empty slot 1 belt
- use potion and scroll
- groups 1,2 take green, gemstone . group 3 red gemstone. groups 4,5 blue gemstone
- don’t cross redline
- protect the clerics
- help mid cleric
- don’t use knockback skill
- kill mobs far away from the clerics
- all go black dragon head and  trim it to 4-3 health bars
- stop and go next to green, red, blue, white dragon heads
- don’t kill them yet
- stop and go back to clerics
- all go white dragon head and trim it to 4-3 health bars
- split groups 1,2,3. Start black dragon head. groups 4,5 start white dragon head meet at middle red dragon head

[ keep in mind you don’t have  enough time to kill all 5 dragon heads from full HP in one phase]
* there are also some mobs at the dragon head , you need to ignore them and concentrate on damaging dragon heads hp, if you don’t have enough dps, kill them after you go back to protecting the cleric.
* if all of you group kill 1 or 2 dragon heads in  phase 1, in the second phase the dragon that you killed have 3-4 health bars back and some say it becomes harder to chip it’s health a little bit
* if you die , don’t wait for someone to revive you or call for help.. waste of time when the other players should do dmg, would  have to come help you up.. just press shift+2 and revive at bonfire, use kit  and  get back in action soldier :p

By Vendetta@sanjiro1


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Re: EPIC EVENT: TIAMAT- Queen of the dragons

Post by Vendetta on Sat Dec 17, 2016 6:12 pm

There is some change in tiamat tip,some host now want group 5 take white dragon gem stone. white dr dont do much aoe dmg, but it ice aoe make players slow and some will over slide of the cliff when you move your char forward.
And when to use the white gem stone, is a little bit diffrent. you use it after the red area aoe gone to nullified the cold ice aoe.


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