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Dragonflight EVENT

Post by CWish on Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:06 pm


   This is a group event, possible only in the Stronghold. It can be started for free every 2 hours at .30 min mark until .35 or any time if you buy bells with ZEN . You need to have at least 5 people on the  map up to 40 people. you can have max 20 people at one dragon.  When someone starts the event, four dragons descend into the stronghold , on predetermined places, and you have 10 min to kill as many as you can, but you have to kill all that will count one minute apart from the first one that died.
   You will have the names of the dragons on the right side, as soon as they descend with their health percentages. You have to watch closely the health of yours and of the others. If the dragon that you are at , gets to 5% HP FIRST, you have to stopp attacking it and wait for the others to get to 5% Health Points as well before killing your dragon. The people organizing the run, will write in chat, so pay attention to chat when you're dragon gets to low HP. 
    Every dragon will spawn DRAGON EMPOWERERS, if you let them channel for one minute they will make the dragon stronger. in the last minute of the event you can ignore them and focus on the dragon.
    You have bellow the positions of all dragons on the map.
  RED DRAGON: Considered the easiest, people that are new to the event should go there. Has fire attck, dodge everything red on the ground and you will be ok.
  GREEN DRAGON :  Poison aura that deals dmg every second. You need a couple of healers here and some resistances or life steal. Usually melee classes go here.
  BLACK DRAGON:  Here , everyone that dies, spawns a immune to dmg ghost , that deals a lot of damage and follows players around. Like the ones in Valindra Tower. So, here it is best if no one dies. Usually RANGE classes go here. If many people die here it makes it difficult for everyone to kill it
  BLUE DRAGON: Lighting attack that deals a lot of damage. Here only experience , High level players should go. 

At any one of them, if you die, just release and come back, don't wait for someone to revive you, because they loose time and can also get killed easily .

REWARDS: 1 fang for each Dragon killed, Vouchers and strongboxes that can be opened with keys from zen market or Auction house.
Our Alliance organizes them EVERY DAY, at 19:15 GMT, 3:15 GMT, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we have an additional run at 21:15 GMT. They are all hold in the Stronghold of Souls of Iruladoon (on the travel map, on the top right corner, you have alliance stronghold and you select  the first guild : Souls of Iruladoon)
No level or item requirements!!!

Ask if you have other questions.
Good luck at hunting dragons Smile


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