SKIRMISH: Prophecy of madness

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SKIRMISH: Prophecy of madness

Post by CWish on Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:15 pm


This is the second skirmish that you can do at 1.600 ilvl. It also has two variations and three phases.
Var I. : First phase you open portals and kill demons that come out of it. Second phase , demons are stronger. Third phase you kill the boss.
Var. II. : First phase you kill demons that randomly spawn. Second phase you protect and repair the 4 pillars in the arena. To repair them you get some material from the mobs killed and go to the pillars and press "F". you have on the right side a health bar for the pillars. The third phase you kill the boss.
At any time in this variation you can be affected by the MADNESS, in that case, you can not use your skills, except your at-wills. In order to cure it you have to go to one pillar that has a blue circle and stay in for a short time. If you bring demons inside it will turn Orange and not work until you get them out.

The same as in the other skirmish, if you get higher rank (bronze<silver<gold) you have a chance to get EPIC/LEGENDARY rings and better rewards.
Good luck!


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